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Cochrane Counselling Centre provides the following assessments:

  1. Comprehensive Psycho-educational assessment - available for children, teens and adults

  2. Mental Health Diagnostic Query Assessment - available for adults 18+

What is a psycho-educational assessment?

A psycho-educational assessment is finding out how a person is learning and growing in different areas. This includes assessing things like language, writing, math, behaviours, and emotions. The assessment is done with kids (6 years old or older), teens, and adults to figure out if there are any problems that might be affecting their school, work, relationships, or feelings. It may include identifying a learning disorder, intellectual disability, ADHD, or other. This is a comprehensive assessment that includes the following; learning/cognitive assessment, mental health assessment, written report and debrief session.

Is psycho-educational assessment for me/my child?
Assessments can provide a missing piece of the puzzle for individuals who experience difficulties with

  • Language;

  • Reading and/or writing;

  • Memory;

  • Processing information;

  • Attention and/or concentration;

  • Academic life;

  • Behaviours and/or problematic thinking; OR

  • Excelling within areas of academic life

What is a Mental Health Diagnostic Query Assessment?

A Diagnostic Query is a review of present mental health functioning for adults (18 years old or older) to plan for treatment, specifically to identify attention, mood, or anxiety-based disorders. It is not a comprehensive psychological assessment, and therefore, is relatively brief in comparison to a comprehensive assessment.

Who will complete the assessment?

Your/your child’s assessment will be completed by our registered psychologist, Chantelle. She works with you/your child through the entire assessment process. Chantelle has over 15 years of teaching experience working with people from many different backgrounds and abilities levels. She loves helping others learn about themselves, make sense of their differences, and meet their needs.

What does the assessment involve?

Chantelle will gather information by asking questions, activities and talking to others  (teachers, parents, spouses, etc.) to learn about you/your child. This process takes several sessions and can take a few weeks to finish. At the end, you will have a report that explains what you/your child is good at and what you/your child might need help with. You will also have strategies, helpful resources, and individualized supports to help you/your child. Chantelle will go over all the information with you to make sure that she answers your questions and that you understand the report.

The report can be used to get special help, like extra time or special tools, at school, the workplace or in other places. It can also help the person and their family understand their strengths and weaknesses and feel more confident in asking for help. At Cochrane Counselling Centre, we believe in helping people find understanding, build

confidence, and reach their full potential. We provide follow-up sessions to make sure that everyone is supported and feels good about the assessment.

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