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Gillian is a Registered Clinical Social Worker with the Alberta college of Social Work (ACSW). She is committed to helping her clients develop healthier relationships with themselves and others. She believes that suffering occurs when we become stuck in unhealthy patterns of thinking, feeling, and relating. Often these patterns were developed when we were young and at that time, they likely helped us cope. However, now they keep us stuck. Gillian’s approach entails identifying these patterns, exploring their origins, and processing the the associated emotions. Once unstuck, Gillian helps her client develop new ways of thinking and relating that promote emotional wellness and satisfying relationships.  


Gillian is an accomplished therapist who has spent 20+ years treating clients in Mental Health care settings as well as in private practice.  She has worked with clients experiencing a range of mental health and addiction concerns, and many of whom experienced Complex Trauma (i.e., repeated or prolonged abuse or neglect during childhood). Gillian is trained in several trauma focused modalities such as EMDR and Accelerated Resolution Therapy. Her earlier work focussed on ADHD, Learning Disabilities and helping families with children with Special Needs. Gillian is passionate about the healing potential of groups and is experienced in providing interpersonal group therapy as well as psycho-educational and support groups. She is also an Approved Supervisor with ACSW.

If you would like to connect to explore Gillian's approach further, do not hesitate to reach out to request a free 15-minute consult.


Office Hours:  Wednesday, Thursday and Saturdays (days & evenings)

Rate: $200/hour
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